Become Emergency Medical Technician to Save Precious Human Lives

Emergency medical technicians play a crucial function in saving the lives of numerous patients, who need immediate medical facility and look after their survival. Emergency Medical Technicians work in civilian ambulances, air ambulances, fire departments, healthcare facilities, and cops departments. Their fast reaction, immediate assistance, and transportation of patients to medical units always take a victim from the jaws of death. Their standard responsibilities include transporting patients to medical centers for emergency medical services and providing emergency cares.

Students and volunteers, who want to be EMTs, must go through various levels of medical trainings, depending upon the state and local requirements, and earn licensure or accreditation. The training programs including education, internship, and lab practices make students and volunteers competent in emergency services, and equip them with emergency situation abilities to perform medical services.

In the United States of America, EMTs get certifications according to their training levels. The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) is a personal entity and follows the education requirements and standards set by the NHTSA.

Emergency medical technicians have 4 training levels that are acknowledged by the NHTSA consisting of:

EMT-B (Basic) is an entry-level training of 120-200 hours.
EMT-I/85 (Intermediate) is an Intermediate Level of EMT. This level comes in between entry-level training and Paramedic. The trainee, who is participating in EMT-I/85 level, finds out more about invasive treatments and evaluation abilities. The training duration for this level is 200-400 hours.
EMT-I/99 (Intermediate or Advanced) is advanced level training with longer training duration, pharmaceutical interventions and broadened scope of practice. The training period is 200-400 hours or more.
EMT-P (Paramedic) is the greatest level EMT training that makes a trainee qualified in advance assessments and treatments. Minimum 1,000 hours or more training is needed to complete Paramedic level.
Emergency Medical Technician training programs requires didactic instructions, medical trainings, and laboratory trainings. These entities are likewise responsible for managing the training programs, whereas EMTs are regulated by their respective state and regional regulations, and policies of their EMS organization.

EMT certification likewise expires after a specific period and in order to keep certification or recertification, minimum hours of continuing education for different levels are required. In addition, there are likewise fast track programs for some EMT courses. Individuals wanting to be an EMT can check out these workplaces online and get the required information on fast lane trainings.


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